*takes the collar off my dog* ur nakey


the world is not yet ready for you, young one


I still want you, and I still want your everything. I never stopped wanting you. Even when you said that you no longer wanted me. But it’s always been like this for us, hasn’t it? Someone always longing for someone who doesn’t even know what it is that they want, and who they will end up sharing it with. But I don’t care about how many people you have loved while I was away because I still want you, I still want this, and I will always still want us.

- 4:15 a.m. (Unsent)

—You’re gone. (via june—10tth)

@joejonas: Tonight was amazing. Fun keeping this a secret 😁 @ddlovato 


Realizing that there’s only a week until 1989 is released…


kevin jonas takes it to the next level

Taylor’s advice on X Factor


hey taylorswift i work at pizza hut and i wrote this on several pizza boxes today AND THEY BETTER LISTEN!!!!!!!!!! if not they’re going to have bad nightmares for the rest of their lives

You brush yourself off and you’re okay.

taylorswift imitating her favorite emoji

So does this mean if I pre order the
album on iTunes I’ll still get the code?


Gabriela Dawson - 3×04: Apologies Are Dangerous